Christmas & Winter Seasonal Projects

ugly seater decorating party

$15 Ugly Sweater Decorating

We’ve got all the supplies you need to decorate those ugly sweaters for al your Christmas parties this year!

BYOS - Bring Your Own Sweater

stocking hanger craft project

$45 Stocking Hangers

Stain or paint your stocking hangers and choose either to do nail string art or paint your design on from our selection of stencils then assemble your hooks.

greeting card workshop

$25 Greeting Cards

Make 3 custom greeting cards using decorative paper, embossing, stamping and more!


$45 Nail String Art

We have a variety of holiday themed stencils for you to choose from for the best nail string art ever! You’ll choose a design, learn how to hammer your nails and string your project.

Mini Projects ~ $25

felt sewing workshop

Felt Sewing

Make keychains, can cozies, ornaments, cat toys and more! We’ve got all the patterns for you and we’ll teach you how to sew them.

pic strip craft project

Pic Strip

Paint and decorate 3 wooden picture frames and add ribbon to make a beautiful display for your favorite pics!

mason jar wall sconce craft project

Wall Sconces

These mason jar wall sconces are the perfect addition to your decor. Learn decoupaging and how to make a custom set!

Wood Surface Bar

Wood Surface Bar

Choose a wooden surface (we have over a dozen kinds!) and a stencil from the stencil bar and get crafty.
Starting at $25, may vary.

Deluxe Projects ~ $45

bottle opener craft workshop

Beer Bottle Opener

Paint or wood-burn your design on this project from our selection of custom stencils and assemble your bottle opener kit. Never hunt through drawers for a bottle opener again!

mug tree craft project

Mug Tree

Learn to build, stain, and paint a custom mug tree to keep all your favorite mugs on display (and easy reach!). Customize yours with a selection of stencils and colors.

key holder craft

Key / Jewelry Hanger

Learn decoupaging with wood and arrange hooks for a variety of things like keys, belts, jewelry, etc. We’ve got literally thousands of designs to choose from!

jewelry box building workshop

Jewelry Box

Stain, paint, and decorate a wooden jewelry box and then learn how to form felt inserts to customize your box to your needs.

clock painting

Clock Painting

Stain, paint and assemble a custom clock. Choose from a variety of stencil for your numbers and main design. You can also learn wood burning on this one.

nail string art austin, texas

Nail String Art

Choose from over 30 stencil shapes and a variety of paint and string colors and learn how to hammer your nails and how to string them.

dog leash hanger craft project

Dog Leash Hanger

Customize a wooden dog leash hanger with a leash hook and a jar for treats or poo bags. Paint or wood burn your design on this one!

Maker Space ~ $10 per hour

Use our supplies and maker space
Makeover something you already have, just use our space so you don’t make a mess at home, meet up with your knitting group, etc.

We’ve got tons of art supplies to play with!
Paint ~ Glitter~ Hot Glue Guns ~ Chalk Paint ~ Wood Burning Pens ~ Scrapbook Paper ~ Mod Podge ~ Soldering ~ Hot Knives
Wood Working Tools ~ Ribbon ~ Twine ~ Metallic Paint ~ Cutting Tools ~ Decorative Scissors ~ And so much more!

Looking for something specific? Email us and ask: