Public Events FAQ's

  1. Can I buy tickets at the door?  No, all tickets must be purchased in advance. We're a mobile business, we don't lug around extra supplies if we don't know that you are coming for sure. 
  2. When should I arrive?  Please plan on arriving 15 minutes before the event start time to get checked in, get a drink and get settled so you're ready to get crafty on time.

  3. What if I bought a ticket and can't make it? We understand things happen and we want to work with you, please let us know as soon as you know! No call/no show = no refund.
  4. Do I need to print a ticket for the event? There's no need to print your ticket, you can show us your confirmation email on your smart phone and your host will have a list of everyone who bought tickets.
  5. How many tickets can I get for a public event? The maximum number of group tickets for a public event is 8. If you have 8 or more guests in your group, we'll be happy to schedule a private event for you!
  6. My friend/date/whoever wants to come and just hang out but not do the project, is that cool? NO! We have a limited amount of seating at our events that is reserved for paying customers plus a lot of what you pay for is the experience. Paying guests don't appreciate your friend helping out on your project, toasting with the rest of the group, asking the host questions, etc. We hold events in public spaces so of course they can come but they can sit somewhere away from the event. Anyone interfering with the event will be asked to leave.

Private Event Faq's

  1. How many guests can I have? We have an 8 guest minimum for all private events. No maximum - we have projects for all sorts of large events, contact us for more info.
  2. How much does it cost? We charge a $50 deposit (that does count towards your final total) + per person charge based on what project you choose - Mini Projects $25, Deluxe Projects $45, Premium Projects $65
  3. How many projects can we do at the event? Only one craft project per event.
  4. Do I need to setup a venue? Nope, we're happy to arrange your venue for you! Just tell us what kind of vibe you like, what area, and we'll get to work. You'll get final approval so don't worry about that! If you don't like the spot we tell you, we'll try again.
  5. Do we have to have a party at a venue or can you come to my house? We can come to your house for events but we do have space requirements and we might even ask for pictures to make sure everything will work well. Everyone will need enough seating and table space like you were all eating dinner together, ie: no one sitting on the couch with paint and projects in their lap. Plus we need space too put our supplies out for you.
  6. My event is soon, when can I book a party? Depending on date availability, we can usually accommodate all party requests. Parties scheduled in less than 2 weeks may incur rush charges.
  7. How do I book a party? Fill out a party request form here and we'll be in touch to confirm date availbility and send you our private party packet with more information, project selections and pricing. This is not a reservation! Your party is officially booked when we receive a signed agreement and $50 deposit (you can pay online). Final headcount and invoice are due 1 week prior to the event date.
  8. What if I have last minute changes to the guest list? Please let us know about any additions as soon as possible so we can try to make supplies available (keyword: try. If this is past your 1 week deadline for final head counts we make no promises. Remember, these are custom parties, we may just not be able to order more supplies for you in time.) No refunds on cancellations made less than a week prior to the party or no shows, sorry. 
  9. I have friends that want to attend the party but don't want to do the Crafts & Drafts project, can they just hang out? Nope! Paying customers at events only please! Feel free to have other guests before or after events but not during the crafting please.
  10. I have a discount code, can I use it for a private party? Nope, sorry. 


Have a question? See if we've already answered it below. If not, feel free to contact us here.